Hello! My name is Laura, I'm 27 years old and I'm a makeup artist from Kent, UK. I absolutely love makeup and beauty, and I started this blog to have a creative place to talk about my favourite subject as well as lots of other things. (Plus it gives me a reason to feed my makeup addiction, not that I need it.) I became hooked on makeup as soon as I realised how it can make you feel so good about yourself and how much more confident it can make you feel! I couldn't think of a better reason to start a blog than to talk about all my favourite products, review some new ones and hopefully be able to share some hints and tips along the way.

In addition to makeup, I also love being creative any way I can and really enjoy crafts and design, as well as baking, stuffing my face, cute animals, Pinterest and all-day Netflix benders currently watching Homeland and Gavin & Stacy for the millionth time) I absolutely love taking pictures for the blog and improving my photography is something I'm really passionate about. You can find more snaps over on my Instagram - @lauramillsmakeup.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy!

Laura x