Life Lately: January 2018

Friday, 12 January 2018

Well hello beauties! It's a bit belated but I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a good start to 2018. I wasn't really sure where to start after being inactive here on the blog and Instagram for so long, but I thought I'd start with a life update and explain where I've been! Be warned; it's quite a long one.

About 2 years ago, I started getting weird pains all the time. I seemed to have constant cystitis, my periods were worse than ever, I couldn't eat without getting horrific stomach ache within ten minutes of eating, I felt SO tired all the time and in general I just felt like a day wouldn't go by where I didn't feel unwell or not myself. Sometimes I would be in so much pain with my periods that I thought I was going to throw up or I couldn't walk. I didn't really think anything of it as I've always suffered with bad period pain, and assumed it was normal! The worst bit was having cystitis most days - and if you've ever had it you will know it's not quite like any other pain. Painkillers don't really help and it's not a pain you can try to ignore and carry on with what you're doing. The first doctor I spoke to about it basically told me that periods are painful for everyone, and to help with the cystitis I should wipe front to back. I was so upset as being 26 at the time, I knew to wipe front to back and I knew that wasn't what was causing it! I didn't go back again as I thought I'd just get brushed off again.

A few months after that I caught glandular fever, which then led to sepsis. I won't go massively into it but it took me ages to recover, I had three months off work and trying to get my other problems sorted was at the back of my mind during that time. (This was also when I started the blog to have something to occupy me with all that time off). When I had recovered I decided to go back to my doctors. When I saw a second doctor, I told her all my symptoms and asked whether she thought it could be endometriosis that was causing all the different pains and discomfort. She agreed straight away that it wasn't right and when I told her how bad my period pain was she said it definitely wasn't normal! I was so grateful for someone to actually take me seriously and she referred me for a laparoscopy.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, in October I had three operations under one anaesthetic - a laparoscopy, cystoscopy and hysteroscopy to look inside and see what was going on. I was given the diagnosis of endometriosis, which I was weirdly relieved to hear in some ways, as it meant I wasn't crazy and there was a reason why I was in pain all the time. They found that my bladder was adhered to my bowel, and my left ovary was adhered to my colon, which made a lot of sense as that was where a lot of my pain was, on the left hand side. Most of the pain has got better since the surgery, but I do still suffer with cystitis a lot of the time - although I have just started tablets to reduce the inflammation and they do seem to be working, thank god! 

In short, the reason I haven't been active is because mostly on my days off I have been wanting to just sleep or relax, and blogging wasn't at the top of my priority list. I wasn't sleeping properly and getting up once or twice a night meaning I'd get only a few hours sleep, then I'd go to work, and so on my days off I just needed time to relax and catch up on missing sleep.

Thankfully, from reading other people's experiences of endometriosis it seems I could have it a lot lot worse. I'm also grateful that I have a diagnosis as sometimes you feel like you're 'that person' that always has something wrong with them, but now I have a reason. Endometriosis can cause chronic pain, fatigue/extreme tiredness, fertility problems, bladder and bowel problems, irregular bleeding, and painful sex to name a few, so can make you feel like you have so many things wrong, all caused by the same thing. I will never not have endometriosis as there is no known cure but I'm just glad that for the time being, I am feeling better than I was a year ago and can only see what happens from here. If you want more information on endometriosis click here

On to a more positive note, I am really wanting to get back into blogging and being active on Instagram and I actually feel really excited about it. I am probably going to have a new blog design this year as I coded this one myself and I know it's not amazing, so it's probably time to get a proper design! I am so looking forward to seeing what this year brings, and to get back to being creative again. Happy Friday everyone! 


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  1. Such an Inspiration Laura. I did read this post the other day and commented on Instagram :) I feel like these types of personal posts do really well as you get to know the blogger behind the blog so to speak :) So happy to see you back, can't wait to see some more photos and posts p.s loving the new layout x


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