Favourite Instagram Accounts of 2017

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Favourite Instagram Accounts of 2017

Even though I took a few months away from Instagram last year, it is still my favourite social media platform. Despite the rubbish algorithm and the fact you see pictures from ten years five days ago, I still really enjoy the creative process of taking pictures and editing them and for that reason I still love it. I also love seeing what other people create; I find it so inspirational and love that you can get lost in someone's feed. With that in mind I thought I'd share my favourite Instagram accounts from the last year; some I have shared before, but there are a few new ones in there too. Of course there are so many more accounts that I love but these are the accounts I seem to check consistently for new pictures and follow their Insta Stories all of the time (stalker alert!) I hope you find someone new to follow as these are all amazing accounts!

Friday Faye Instagram

Faye's account is one of my all time favourites, and even from just this one picture it is easy to see why. Not only are all of her pictures pink heaven but they are always so creative and give you endless inspiration! I love her busy flatlays and her overall feed is just perfection. She deserves so many thousands of followers as you can tell so much work goes into each picture!

Gemma Louise Instagram

Gemma's Instagram (& blog!) has long been one of my absolute favourites. Her feed has a perfect mix of beauty, lifestyle and adorable photos of her son, Reuben. She has always been really helpful and supportive (like encouraging me to actually have a Twitter account!) and works so hard to blog full time. Follow Gemma for beautiful photography, gorgeous beauty products, cute baby pics and her honest & funny Insta Stories.

Catherine.MW Instagram

Another long-time favourite is Catherine's perfectly pink feed. All of her pictures are SO beautiful, with a gorgeous mix of beauty & lifestyle posts. Her feed is literally like a dream world, and if you love pink then you absolutely must follow her. Catherine also runs another Instagram account called Catherine Bakes which I would highly recommend following too, where she posts pictures of her amazing cakes all made from scratch!

Amelia Lottie Instagram

Amelia's account is another one I have followed for a long time, and I adore her frosty white & pink themed Instagram (can you tell I like pink yet?!). She has the best makeup collection and takes such beautiful photos of all of her products - she is most definitely enabling my makeup addiction! On top of all this she is such a lovely person and is so supportive, not just of me but of everyone.

Francisca May Instagram

Francisca absolutely killed it with her content last year on Instagram and her blog. Her photos always have such a dreamy quality and her makeup collection is another one to be jealous of! I have bought so many new products thanks to Fran! On top of this she has just got the CUTEST puppy ever and I look forward to more pictures of her. If you're obsessed with beauty then she is definitely one to follow.

Kate La Vie Instagram

This one probably won't be a new account to anyone as I think probably everyone I know follows her, but Kate's Instagram is one of the first accounts I ever followed and still to this day is one of my favourites. I can only wish I was as cool as her! What I love about her pictures is that they are always light and airy, and they always seem so fresh looking (if that even makes sense). I love her beauty recommendations, her home styling and her blog is amazing too... obsessed!

Morgan Alice Beauty Instagram

Again, another account that I have followed for a while but is just absolutely stunning! Morgan's feed is such a beautiful mix of beauty, travel, home and gorgeous pictures of her baby Alice. I love how she manages to take beautiful pictures wherever she is, always finding the pretty in everyday. Can I also just say I am obsessed with the food she makes on Insta Stories - the feasts and brunches always speak to my soul!

Hunters and Heels Instagram

I started following Lauren's feed a couple of years ago and I have to say I just adore her account for so many reasons; her photography is always amazing and she seems like such a positive person on her Insta Stories. Again Lauren seems to find the beautiful in everyday life and I always feel really inspired by her account. Follow for lots of beautiful pictures of her two gorgeous babies, stunning interiors, beauty products and amazing countryside shots!

What are your favourite Instagram accounts? Let me know in the comments so I can find new people to follow!

*All pictures belong to the owners of the Instagram accounts stated. 

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