New Zoella Jelly & Gelato Range

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Zoella Jelly & Gelato Range

As soon as I saw Zoella was bringing a new range of products for her Zoella beauty line called Jelly & Gelato I was intrigued, and as soon as I actually saw it, I was clicking 'Add to Basket' before I knew it! I loved the beautiful packaging and I thought the idea of jelly/ice cream scents sounded so yummy, I couldn't wait to try it out. I had to wait to snap pictures of these for what seemed forever, as my camera/blogging stuff has been tucked away whilst moving house. When I eventually did get chance to photograph them I had so much fun snapping these babies that I was so excited to put them on the blog today!

Zoella Jelly & Gelato Shower Shake

I got three items from the range, the Shower Shake, the Bath Frosting and the Pink Bath Wafers. As I said before the packaging is SERIOUSLY cute, and the little details such as the straw on the Shower Shake and the wafer-like embossing on the wafer wrapping makes it look like this range is more expensive than it actually is. Not to mention that it is literally one of the most Insta-worthy packaging I have seen in a long time, Zoella definitely knows what she's doing ;)

The Shower Shake is a lovely moisturising body wash with a nice thick texture. It does leave skin feeling more moisturised than my normal body wash and let's be honest, it just looks so cute in the bathroom. The only thing I am disappointed with is the scent. Don't get me wrong, it smells totally gorgeous, just not what I expected. I was expecting a sweet/vanilla/creamy ice cream smell but to me it smells more tangy/fresh/citrusy. Again, it really does smell lovely but I think I was expecting something a bit different. 

Zoella Jelly & Gelato Shower Shake, Bath Frosting and Pink Bath Wafers

The Pink Bath Wafers are also a fun treat for the bath, they literally do look like pink wafer biscuits! There are two in the packet, so they are quite big. I haven't got round to trying these yet but I did read somewhere that they are meant to be moisturising on the skin as they contain Shea butter, so I am really excited to see if this is true! (Will keep you posted)

Lastly but not least I picked up the Bath Frosting (can we just appreciate how cute the names are btw?!), and I didn't really know what to expect from it. Mainly because I actually didn't know what bath frosting was - but it's a beautifully scented powder which you can pour under the running bath water and it turns the water milky white. The tube contains four sachets of bath milk powder, which are meant to be enriched with moisturising milk and ingredients that brighten and tone the skin. This is just such a special product to have in your bathroom, it's a real treat for the skin and the packaging is just totally gorgeous. 

Zoella Jelly & Gelato Bath Frosting

What do you think of the Jelly & Gelato range? Did you pick any bits up?


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