Italy Photo Diary - Portofino & Santa Margherita

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Hello Beauties! As you know we went to Italy last week, and so today I thought I'd share a a few photos of where we went and what we did. We are really bad at taking photos, we always forget to get good pictures of us (usually too busy eating) but this time we got quite a few. We have been to Italy together quite a few times now, but we have never been when it's hot and we haven't done too much exploring outside of where Chris's family live. This time we thought we'd head down to the Ligurian Coast a.k.a. the Italian riviera, which was about an hour and forty minute drive from Pisa airport. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and we had such an amazing time there!

We stayed in Santa Margherita which is about 5 minutes drive from Portofino. Hotels were seriously expensive in Portofino and the town itself is actually quite small, Santa Margherita was a lot more affordable and just as picturesque with lots more going on. We stayed at the MA Hotel for a few nights and then the Santa Margherita Palace as well. Both hotels were so lovely, and we got a really good deal through Trivago for both of them.

Paraggi Beach, Italy

Anyway, onto the good stuff- the beaches. We had a rental car so on the first day we went for a drive along the coastline and found this tiny beach tucked away in a little cove. It was so small it could only probably fit about 15 people on it, luckily when we got there there was hardly anybody on it. It was so nice to find a quiet beach, the bigger ones tend to have beds on them so they were a bit more crowded.

Niasca Beach, Italy

Paraggi Beach, Italy

Can you believe the colour of the water?! I seriously couldn't believe that it was Italy, the water looked like pictures of the Caribbean or somewhere tropical. The water was so clear but freezing cold, we did go in but not for long! I honestly could have snapped pictures of the beach all day, it was just so beautiful.

We didn't get too many pictures of us unfortunately; being just the two of us, most of our photos were either selfies or just the one of us in the picture. This was attempt 10 of getting a picture that I liked hence why Chris looks less than impressed! (He was also waiting on a lasagne and that's probably one of the worst times I could ask for a picture when he's hungry ha!)

Santa Margherita, Italy

Santa Margherita, Italy

If you go to Italy prepare yourself for a serious CARB FEST EXTRAVAGANZA. I think I probably put on about five stone in a week from pasta overload. The food actually wasn't as great as we have had before in Italy, but I think that anywhere that's touristy would have been the same. The little restaurants in the back streets tend to be so much better than the ones right along the sea front, even if they don't have the same view. The bars along the beach were actually really good, they all tend to bring you a mini feast of antipasto when you order a drink, which of course was perfect for someone like me whose mind pretty much revolves around what I'm going to eat next. 

Portofino, Italy

Portofino, Italy

Portofino was absolutely beautiful, but tiny. It's full of designer shops like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Missoni etc but there were plenty of other shops where I didn't feel too out of place with my £19.99 New Look bag haha! The harbour is full of boats, everything from little sailing boats to super yachts. We even saw one that had a helicopter on the back, seriously, how do the other half live?! You can walk around the town quite quickly but it's so nice to sit in one of the restaurants along the harbour for the afternoon; there's so much people watching (or in my world, obviously staring) to be done and the atmosphere is really lively.

Ristorante Da I Gemelli, Portofino, Italy

One night we went into Portofino for dinner; this guy who worked in one of the cafes told us the best place to go for dinner - Da I Gemelli. It was definitely the nicest meal that we had all week, not just because of the food but it had the best atmosphere and they didn't rush you to finish your dinner. We both had this seafood linguine to start (yes, this is the portion size that they consider a starter) which was incredible. We also did a bit of celebrity spotting - one of the Italian footballers who plays for Juventus and the national team was sat on the table next to us and all the Italians were going crazy for him. Chris knew him straight away but I literally had no clue who he was ha! Actually when I got back to the hotel and looked up the restaurant on Instagram, Nico Rosberg was in there the week before, Dynamo has been there and even Jay Z has visited! So if you ever go, make sure you go here! The next day we also saw one of the dragons from Dragons Den who sat next to us at a little cafe we were having lunch in, but apart from that we didn't see anyone overly famous.

San Fruttuoso, Italy

One of the days we got a boat trip which took you from Santa Margherita to Portofino and then onto San Fruttuoso. It was €16 each but it was well worth the money as you got to see beautiful scenery that you could only get from going out on the boat, and as free parking is really hard to find, it saved you from having to find somewhere to leave the car for the day. San Fruttuoso is another tiny historic town, with lots of of steps up and down to tiny restaurants and cafes hidden in different corners. We actually didn't stay here long at all, but we did get a drink and it gave us time to get pictures of this incredible beach. 

Obviously had to snap a selfie or two twenty - please excuse horrific fake tan patches all over my arms. I seriously don't tan and would rather suffer patchy fake tan than look like uncooked pizza dough.

Towards the end of the trip we headed back towards Pisa, Chris's family live about 50 minutes from the airport. It was lovely to catch up with the family; Chris's mum and dad have just put a pool in their garden so we spent most of the time at their house. I just had to share this cute pic of me, Chris and his granddad. Nonno was so proud of his roses this year, he wanted us to go up and have a picture in front of them. He is 90 this year and still climbing up and down the garden making it look amazing! We were so happy to have this picture of all of us and we think we're going to print it off and send it to him. 

And there you have it, I would definitely recommend Santa Margherita and Portofino if you are visiting Italy. I would say it was more suited for a short break rather than a full blown holiday; it is quite expensive in comparison to other destinations, and there is only a limited amount to do there. However if you want somewhere that's special and romantic then you will love it there, it's so beautiful and we just had the best time.


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