Beautiful Brows with YSL Brow Wardrobe - Review and Swatches*

Friday, 19 May 2017

YSL Couture Brow Marker, Couture Brow Palette, Couture Brow and Dessin Des Sourcils

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In the past, brows have never been my strong point. Mine are quite full at the front but disappear into nothing on the tail, and I never had the patience to draw them in properly. Going back a few years ago I actually used to go into work with no eyebrows filled in whatsoever. Considering I like to wear a lot of eye makeup you can imagine how weird I looked. Thankfully, I've now realised the importance of brows. We all know they frame the face beautifully but I also think makeup looks overall more polished when your brows are filled in slightly. I'm not one for overly heavy brows, but I do like them to look as neat and tidy as I can get them. Lately I have been using these beautiful brow products from Yves Saint Laurent, here's what I thought of them!

YSL Couture Brow Palette

I was lucky enough to be sent four brow products from YSL, which all achieve a different look. I was first drawn to the Couture Brow Palette* as brow powders are a great way to achieve a natural brow. I always think that they also tend to be more forgiving if you're not overly confident filling in your brows, as it's easy to rectify any mistakes. It has 3 different colour brow powders which are perfect for my fairer hair. I got the lighter shade palette but they also do one with darker brow powders. The palette comes with a mini brow brush; I like the stiff bristles as it brushes the product through the brow hair so it looks very natural. I also love the fact that it comes with miniature tweezers, so it's a perfect compact to throw in your handbag and have on the go touch ups.

I am also really loving the Couture Brow* mascara. Brow gels/mascaras are something I've really got into this year to keep my brows in place; as I said before, I have very full brows at the front and unfortunately the hairs all like to drop down, even after I've spent time brushing them upwards! I have the lighter shade which blends in with my natural hair colour. I have been using this mainly to set my brows after filling them in with something else, but you could brush this through on it's own for a quick bit of colour and definition (Great for people who don't have time or don't want an overly structured brow).

YSL Couture Brow

One of the products I wasn't sure on to start with was the Couture Brow Marker*. At first sight it looks like a giant felt tip - and all I could think of was eyebrows drawn on with a permanent marker. However do not let the size fool you, this brow marker has a very light consistency and the product that comes out has an almost translucent look. On the brow this translates to a very natural colour, which you can control with how much pressure you apply. The tip is shaped so that you can mimic hairs as you apply it, so it really can give you either very natural or very defined brows. This is the lightest shade, which unfortunately is slightly too dark for me to use all through the brow. However what has really impressed me is that this gives you an incredible sharpness that I have not been able to achieve with anything else so far.

I have been using the marker by using the Dessin Des Sourcils* brow pencil in the front and then running the brow marker very lightly through the tail, as I like the tail to be slightly darker than the front. The pencil is quite firm but it has a smooth texture so it doesn't pull on any hairs. Again, the shade is slightly too dark for me but it works with a light touch. I like to create quite a fluffy brow at the front with the pencil, and then the marker just finishes and polishes it off beautifully. If your natural hair colour is darker then mine than the marker will be perfect for you to use all through the brow. 

YSL Couture Brow Maker

Here I'm wearing the Couture Brow Palette and the Couture Brow together. I love that the powder gives a softness to the brow, while still maintaining definition, and then the Couture Brow keeps all of those front hairs upright where they should be. 

YSL Brow Wardrobe

YSL Brow Product Swatches
Left - Right: Dessin Des Sourcils (Dark Brown), Couture Brow Marker, Couture Brow, Couture Brow Palette

As you would expect from a brand like YSL all of these products are beautiful quality, and I particularly love the Couture Brow Palette and the Couture Brow mascara. The palette just screams luxury to me and the powder colours are perfect for my blonde hair. The brow marker I would highly recommend too, even though it is a touch dark for me I really love the way it can give very precise and clean looking brows and I will continue to use it through the tail. Have you tried any YSL brow products? What did you think of them?


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