Eylure Lashes Review - Cheryl Sexy Senorita and Vegas Nay Shining Star

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Eylure Lashes - Cheryl Sexy Senorita and Vegas Nay Shining Star

Who doesn't love an amazing pair of false lashes? They can totally transform your eye makeup and for me I just love them for when I want to feel a bit more glam. I also find that they have the added bonus of hiding a multitude of sins - if I have seriously messed up my eye makeup. I throw a pair of lashes on and somehow it instantly looks better! Quite a few years ago I used to wear some seriously bad eyelashes; I'm talking the massive thick black lashes that look like a big black moth has taken residence on your eyelid. Sometimes if I was feeling particularly wild, I would wear two pairs of those bad boys at a time. It took me a while to realise that this was NOT a good look, and actually in pictures they were making me look half asleep/drunk because they were so heavy! Wind on a few years and now I much prefer softer lashes.

These Eylure lashes were very kindly sent to me by Falseeyelashes.co.uk.* I picked these two out as I love Eylure lashes and those along with Ardell are probably my favourite lash brands out of the ones I've tried so far. (The Ardell Demi-Wispies are the ones I use most often and they're the only ones I keep in my kit.) I wanted to try the Cheryl Sexy Senorita lashes as they looked so pretty and soft, and I picked the Vegas Nay Shining Star lashes because I wanted to try a pair that had volume, but were still feathery. 

Eylure Lashes - Cheryl Sexy SenoritaEylure Lashes Vegas Nay Shining Star
(Left: Cheryl Sexy Senorita, Right:Vegas Nay Shining Star)

These are such a pretty soft pair of lashes, they remind me a lot of the Ardell Demi-Wispies except they don't fan out towards the outer corner, making them extremely natural. They add just enough volume so that you can see a noticeable difference between these and your natural lashes. I think these are perfect for adding oomph to a natural every day look, or for a date night. They were really easy to put on as the lash band is really fine and flexible, and it's was also easy to hide with a bit of gel liner. I'm totally in love with these!

These lashes are so stunning - I have stayed away from big lashes like this due to fear of a 2007 throwback, but I wish I had tried some like this earlier! These have a textured effect with two layers of very fine lashes which build up to give gorgeous volume without being too much. They are really fluffy and surprisingly not heavy at all! I had to cut these down to fit properly as they are quite long but they went on very easily. They have a thick lash band so I did top up with liquid liner to try and hide it a bit, but they hug your eye shape really well so you don't have to worry too much about the lash band showing! These are perfect for a night out and I cannot wait to wear them again. 

I am really pleased with my new lashes, and I'm so happy I tried something a bit heavier. I'm definitely going to be trying more styles like the Shining Star ones. You can order both of these at Falseeyelashes.co.uk or have a look at the other styles they stock, they have so many different styles and brands! They also have free 1st class delivery, these lashes reached me in one day! I really want to try some other brands now - what ones would you recommend? 


*PR Gift from Falseeyelashes.co.uk, all thoughts, opinions and photos are 100% my own. Not sponsored or affiliated.

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