White Chocolate Valentine's Popcorn

Sunday, 5 February 2017

White Chocolate Valentine's Popcorn

Hey beauties! Hope you're all having a good weekend! With Valentines just around the corner I was thinking of cute night in ideas recently. We aren't going out as neither of us are big on Valentines day, so I think we're going to have a nice dinner at home and have a cosy film night or something like that. I was trying to think of ideas for some cute little snacks to have at our movie night and seeing as I discovered my love for chocolate popcorn over Christmas, why not make a Valentines version!? As you can imagine I loved making this post, mainly because I pretty much ate all of it the minute I finished taking pictures and there was the added bonus of eating all the left over melted chocolate with a spoon. Let's hope the real thing lasts for more than two minutes when I make it the second time round! 

All you need is butter flavour microwave popcorn, 2x 200g bars of white chocolate, some vanilla essence (or if you're really fancy you could use vanilla pods) sunflower oil, some heart sprinkles and a cute container to put your popcorn in once you're finished. This is like making cornflake cakes but just with popcorn instead, pretty easy as you can imagine! 

First just pop your popcorn - I used butter flavour because I wasn't sure if I went for salty or sweet if it would make it taste weird so I thought the butter flavour would just be plain. I let the popcorn cool down while I was melting the chocolate. You can melt the chocolate in a bowl which you place over a saucepan of simmering water or you can melt it in the microwave. All I would say is if you do it in the microwave just be careful as the chocolate can sort of burn and go all crystallised. I would just microwave it 15-20 seconds at a time and make sure you stir it each time. I chose to do it in the bowl over the saucepan method just to be safe.

Add a teaspoon of oil - this makes the melted chocolate a bit thinner and easier to coat the popcorn with. Be careful not to add too much as it can prevent the chocolate from setting when it cools down. I found a teaspoon was enough. At a couple of drops of vanilla essence into the chocolate.

White Chocolate Valentine's Popcorn

When it has all melted down start adding the popcorn a bit at a time. Keep adding until there is no melted chocolate left at the bottom of the bowl - I found I used about half of the bag of popcorn before the chocolate ran out.

Get a flat oven tray, line it with grease-proof paper and then spread the chocolate popcorn out in one layer. Put the heart sprinkles all over the popcorn and put it in the fridge! I got my heart sprinkles from eBay but I did also see some in Sainsbury's which were a mix of pink and red hearts. Leave it in the fridge for an hour and it's ready! Break it up and pop it into a cute box - again I got these adorable pink and white candy striped ones from eBay.

And there you have it - I think they look so cute and it tastes amazing! What are you doing for Valentines Day?

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