My Top 5 Eye Brushes for Any Eye Makeup Look

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Top 5 Eye Brushes for Any Eye Makeup Look

When you're buying brushes or starting a brush set it's easy to think you need every single brush out there and you can end up spending a lot of money on brushes you won't ever really use. When I started building my kit I kept falling into the trap of thinking I needed every brush to be able to do great makeup, and as you can imagine that works out expensive. Now I'm not saying you wont ever need or indeed want another brush, but I have realised that nearly every eye makeup look I do, whether on myself or someone else, I pretty much only use these five brushes. I thought it might be helpful to share them with you and what I use each one for.

1. Sigma E40
This big fluffy blending brush is perfect for applying your transition shade to the crease of the eye and for blending out eye shadow applied to the crease. It's big shape gives a much more 'blown out' and seamlessly blended effect than I can achieve with a smaller blending blush. It is my most used and favourite blending brush. You can also use this to apply powder underneath the eye to set your concealer.

2. Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush
This is a smaller blending brush, very similar to the MAC 217. I actually prefer the Zoeva one, as I actually find it a bit softer and blends out the eye shadow better. This extremely versatile brush has denser and more tightly packed bristles than the Sigma E40, so it is perfect in the crease for a more concentrated deposit of colour and for building depth. I also use this one for a wash of light colour over my eye before going in with the transition colour and to blend out dark shadow along the lower lash line.

3. MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush
This is a dense and soft flat brush, perfect for packing colour onto the lid. I love the softness of this brush and you can wet it if you want it to pick up more pigment. This is my go to brush for shimmer shades and loose pigments, as it packs on a lot of colour and you get the full effect from the eyeshadow. (There are cheaper equivalents of this brush such as the Zoeva 234 but I haven't tried this one, let me know if it's any good!)

4. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyeliner Brush
This little baby is literally one of my favourites; I would cry my eyes out if I lost it as it is one of my most used brushes. I use this one for applying dark eye shadow on its own as eyeliner on the lash line, smudging out gel eyeliner for a soft smokey look (see this post for a more detailed explanation of what I mean), applying shadow to the bottom lash line and using it in the outer V of the eye to deepen the crease. I LOVE using this for shadow eyeliner in a daytime look when I can't be bothered to mess around with gel liner but it also helps to create the perfect smokey eye for night. I also use this on the very rare occasion to carve out a defined line for a cut crease. As you can tell the love for this brush is huge, I can't recommend it enough!

5. MAC 266 Small Angle Brush
My favourite liner brush! Using this brush for the first time was a revelation - I had never been able to get such sharp winged liner before! I have never found a brush that gets into such a fine point which is why it's in my top five and has been for so long! I actually don't know what I used before this; I imagine I was walking around with some seriously bad liner. I love this brush for gel liner, which I use most of the time. You can also use this for brow gels and pomades to get a sharp tail on your brows, but I tend to only use this for eyeliner. If you look after it it will last you such a long time and you won't regret buying it!

I hope this helps in narrowing down the field a bit when looking to buy eye makeup brushes, I wish I had known that I wouldn't need every single brush on the planet when I was building my brush collection! I also think it's a good idea to mix and match between brands; I don't necessarily get on with every brush from a brand and you can save money by looking at different brands - my favourites are probably Zoeva and Sigma brushes and they are so reasonable!

What are your favourite eye brushes? Do you have any good tips for building a brush collection?


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