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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I haven't been to Lush in ages but when I kept seeing the new Valentine's collection popping up all over Instagram, I couldn't resist popping in and getting a few new treats! I bought some of the cute pink Valentines limited editions and I also picked up a couple of other goodies too, I'm normally more of a shower person but when I've had a little Lush haul I literally can't wait to have a nice relaxing soak, especially when it means you'll be covered in pink bubbles and smell so amazing afterwards!

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb | £4.25
I love this bright pink beauty and it smells beautifully of rose. It does have quite a strong scent and beware that the pink powder gets EVERYWHERE so be careful when you're taking it out of the bag. It turns the water a really pretty rose pink shade and there is such a cute little surprise in the middle when yellow rose petals burst out of the centre and float in the bath.

Think Pink Bath Bomb | £2.75
I picked this up because I loved the little flowers on top of the bath bomb, and it's cute size. I didn't think this would do much in the bath because it's quite small but actually it works just as well as bigger bath bombs. It turns the bath a stunning bright pink shade and my favourite part which I didn't even realise until I got out, is that it releases tons of little heart confetti bits - SO CUTE! It really made the water feel so soft and the stunning scent stayed on my skin for a while.

Lush Cupid Bath Bomb and Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar | £4.25
This is probably my favourite of the products I picked up! I literally LOVE the colours of this pretty bubble bar and it has a gorgeous silver lustre which just makes it irresistible. I used the whole thing in one bath, and it made lots and lots of bubbles. I used it in conjunction with the Think Pink bath bomb and it made the perfect bath, I would definitely recommend this as a perfect Valentine's treat for someone! One of the ingredients is neroli oil, which Lush says increases serotonin levels making you feel happy - literally magic!

Cupid Bath Bomb | £2.95
Ok so I don't know anyone that could resist this cutie, it has the cutest design ever! Totally Valentine's worthy. It smells quite fruity to me, with scents of raspberry, violet, lime and bergamot. Lush says the bergamot and lime are meant to be uplifting but I can't help but feel relaxed and sleepy in the bath! When in the water it releases light pink and dark pink foam while it floats in the water, and it turns the water the most beautiful pink shade. The smell lingers for quite a while which is impressive for a small bath bomb!

Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub

The Kiss Lip Scrub | £5.75
I wrote about how much I love Lush's Popcorn lip scrub in this post recently, so I couldn't resist this adorable valentine's edition! It is the perfect product to keep your lips smooth, and the coconut oil keeps them nice and soft. The best bit about this lip scrub is the cute little red hearts scattered through it - such a nice twist on their original lip scrubs!

Have you bought anything recently from Lush? What have been your favourite products?


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