6 Things to Rescue Your Dry Skin this Winter

Friday, 27 January 2017

Winter Skincare Saviours for Dry Skin

Around November/December my skin always starts to go into it's winter meltdown mode - it becomes even drier than it normally is and it starts to get really textured and rough feeling! I hate it because it makes my makeup look flaky and uneven, and it grabs onto the dry skin. In addition, I get really chapped lips and my hands also suffer - they get so dry that they go all red and they're really sore! I decided to be more proactive this year to try and combat the dry skin properly, and so far, so good! With that in mind I thought I'd share my winter rescue products because I know I'm not the only one whose skin goes into crisis mode as soon as the colder weather hits. These are my favourite go-to products at the moment that are keeping my skin as healthy as possible this winter!

Winter Skincare Saviours for Dry Skin - Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

This is such a cult beauty item and its benefits are well documented all over the internet. I can really see the difference when I use this; my skin seems brighter and more importantly, smoother. I really think this helps to keep my skin hydrated and I can see a difference in my makeup application the next day when I've used this the night before. I don't have that horrible tight feeling you get when your skin is dried out from the winter weather when I use this, and I can't say good enough things about it. My bottle is nearly empty and I will definitely be repurchasing! 

I cannot tell you how long this eye cream has lasted me and I use it every day. My under-eye skin isn't necessarily dry but I find that where my skin is becoming more dehydrated overall (probably from central heating etc), my dark circles look worse! This little gem keeps my dark circles at bay and I find that I don't get those little raised dots on my under-eye skin which always seem to get so much worse when my skin is dehydrated. You only need a tiny bit of it and a little goes a long way, so well worth the investment.

Ok, so I could literally dedicate a whole post to this baby. I bought this on the way out to Italy just before Christmas and I cannot stop using it. I had ordered a different face oil to replace my beloved Bobbi Brown one when it ran out, and thanks to a monumental mess up of my order it didn't arrive before we went away. In a mad rush I quickly snapped this up at the airport. I was not expecting a lot from it but this face oil is incredible. It has kept my skin so hydrated, seriously reduced the dry texture on my forehead and has kept my breakouts at bay. It's so good that if I'm feeling lazy I can literally just use this on it's own and it still keeps my skin healthy and comfortable feeling. I cannot recommend this enough if you're on the look out for a new face oil.

Winter Skincare Saviours for Dry Skin - Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub and Carmex Vanilla Lip Balm

Again, the lush lip scrubs are well loved classics and I can't be without this little pot of goodness! In the past I would layer lip balm on top of lip balm in the hopes that it would help my dry lips but never realised that I needed to get the dead skin off first for it to actually do anything! It's a quick and easy way of shifting all that horrible skin that makes your lipstick look gross and for me it just stops me biting it off instead (gross I know)! 

This was very kindly sent to me a couple of weeks ago to try, and I have to say it has actually helped my dry lips a lot. I do like Vaseline but it never actually seems to heal the chapped skin, it just seems to stop it feeling sore and stop it from drying out any more. Since using this I have found that my lips are noticeably better, they feel like they're actually being repaired and it's getting to work. I don't have those pesky dry bits that I always bite off, which usually end up in my lips being so sore. Even though Carmex is a complete classic I've never actually tried it before! I'm really glad I have now as it seems to be one of the only things that has made a difference! 

I got this in my Sanctuary Advent calendar which Chris bought for me before Christmas, and I have been using it on my hands instead of my feet! I first used it when I was washing my brushes and by the time I had finished, my skin was so dry that they were actually sore and my knuckles had red patches that felt like cuts where the skin was so chapped. I couldn't find any hand cream so thought I'd give this a whirl... when I woke up in the morning they were so much better! I don't know if it's because heel balm is more intensive than hand cream (it's quite a thick cream) but either way since then, I've been using it on my hands to try and keep them soft! It's one of my favourite beauty 'hacks' (if you could call it that) that I've found so far because my hands are always quite dry, not just in the winter. 

What are your winter must haves? I'm on the look out for a good hydrating/moisturising face mask so any suggestions you have would be amazing! 


*PR Gift from Carmex, all thoughts, opinions, and photos are 100% my own. Not a sponsored post. 

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