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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Hello Beauties, I hope you're all having a good week so far! I was a bit unsure whether to write this post, mainly because I haven't been blogging for too long and wondered whether anyone would actually be interested, but I thought I'd share my favourite creative blogging resources today! I used a lot of these resources when I was building this blog and I have also used them in personal design projects in the past, so wanted to share a list of my favourite go-to places for fonts, graphics, blog design and coding etc. It is by no means a comprehensive list but these are the sites I always find great little design gems, and really helpful advice when it comes to coding your blog. I hope you enjoy!

Fonts, Graphics, Blog Templates ETC

Font Squirrel |
Font Squirrel is a fantastic resource for hundreds of beautiful free fonts, and what's particularly good is that all of them are free for commercial use! This means you can use them in projects that you are planning on selling - for example if you design digital blog headers for people to buy. You usually have to pay for commercial licences so it's a great resource to look at first before you jump into buying a font. I got the black font for the post picture from there - it's Quicksand if you want to take a look.

Creative Market |
Creative Market is exactly as it sounds, a creative marketplace full of tons of digital goodies for sale. You can find everything from beautiful clip art, unique fonts, Blogger/Wordpress templates, stock photos, social media templates and more. Also keep a look out for the Free Goods section which gets updated once a week (I think Mondays as far as I can tell), where you can download a selection of goodies completely free! They often have free script fonts in this section - great for blog headers etc.

Behance |
Behance is very similar to Creative Market, although I tend not to use it as much. I thought I would include it however, because you can get some beautiful free fonts which you can use for overlays on your blog images or for blog graphics - I used Mightype for the word 'Blogging' in the main picture above, and Playlist for the word 'creative'. These are two of my favourites amongst lots of others you can find on Behance - just type 'free fonts' in the search box!

Etsy |
Etsy is not just for home made crafts, you can get loads of digital resources on here for really good value! You can find beautiful blog templates and lots of people sell really pretty clip art which is good for designing your blog header and blog graphics. I bought these stunning Rose Gold Foil and Glitter Textures on there, which again I used in the picture above and I also use these in a lot of personal projects.

HTML/CSS Blog Coding Help

XOmisse |
I know there are tons of beautiful pre-made blog templates out there and XOmisse makes a few as well, but for those interested in coding their own blogs or making their own tweaks to their current template I cannot recommend XOmisse's blog enough! There are so many easy to follow tutorials on how to do your own HTML/CSS coding such as how to make your navbar stick at the top of your page, or how to style your jump link. If you are nervous about making changes to your code but want to give it your own style I would definitely have a look at her blog; it has helped me so much in coding my own blog!

Helplogger |
Helplogger is a fantastic resource for blog design - the number of posts around CSS & HTML seem to be endless! It was so helpful when I was coding this blog, and if you are unsure of where to start when coding your own template I would definitely recommend starting here. It can be quite daunting trying to change your template for the fear of suddenly deleting something or it ends up in the completely wrong place, but the tutorials are easy to follow so don't worry!

Bloomin' Rouge |
Bloomin' Rouge is another great blog run by Holly, and it has a fab section on Blogging. It has some tutorials on blog design such as how to get the lines either side of your widget titles or how to add a border around your sidebar. Again, they're all easy to follow tutorials and perfect if you just want to personalise your design! She also has some great posts on how to take great blog photos and how to create well written content.

And one more for good luck...

Pinterest |
OK, so this is a pretty obvious one but I really wanted to include it because I have found so many great links to different sites which offer free resources for blogging. For example - the watercolour flowers I used in my main post image came from Fox & Hazel which I found via Pinterest. You can also find lots of helpful links for improving your blogging content, improving your SEO, free blog planners, free fonts... the list goes on and on! It was really helpful for me starting this blog and I would definitely recommend using this amazing resource! 

When downloading and using any resource, free or purchased, make sure you check the licence it comes with. Some are only for personal use - this is fine if you are using it to decorate your blog etc but you can't use a personal use license on a product you intend to sell. Some people ask you to give credit if you use their products, which I think is only fair especially if you have had the opportunity to download them for free. I wouldn't claim to be a complete expert on this but I think it's so important to make sure people are being credited wherever possible :)

What are your favourite creative resources? Let me know, I would love to know some more places!


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