Loving Tan Dark Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Review

Monday, 23 January 2017

Loving Tan Dark Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Review

I love a good fake tan like a lot of girls out there and personally, I feel more confident when I have a bit of a tan. However I am really quite fair and so tanning naturally is not an option. Anyone who's fair knows the drill - sit in the sun, immediately feel your skin burning no matter how high your SPF, your skin burns, then it peels off and you're back to your normal snow-white self. For me it is just not worth the risk of sitting in the sun with fair skin knowing I will never tan and more than likely burn - I'd rather keep out of the sun and keep safe. Therefore, fake tan becomes my BFF when I want a bit of colour. I've tried quite a few different makes and have my favourites, but I have wanted to try Loving Tan for ages - ever since I saw it on Lauren Curtis and Shaaanxo's youtube channels a while ago. I was SO excited when I received this gorgeous gift from Loving Tan* I literally couldn't wait to use it - even though I had to wait to take pictures of it all first (#bloggerproblems). 

Before we jump into the review, I just want to say that I don't think if you have fair skin you should fake tan, or that fair skin isn't just as gorgeous as tanned skin. I do not fake tan all the time, in fact I am my natural colour more of the time than I am tanned. I'm pretty much way too lazy to tan all of the time, but I do feel so good when I have fake tan on. My usual favourites are Xen Tan or St Moritz depending on whether I'm rolling in money or not. Xen Tan is my favourite colour but St Moritz is amazing quality in relation to the price. An honourable mention has to go to Vita Liberata, the staying power is fab but I don't find it quite dark enough and its quite expensive as well. 

Loving Tan Dark Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Review

Anyway, onto the review! I was very kindly sent lots of goodies - Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Dark, Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream in Dark, Easy to Reach Back Applicator, Deluxe Applicator Mitt and a Tan Removing and Skin Polishing Glove. Loving Tan have three shades in: Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark. Whilst Ultra Dark does sound tempting I thought Dark would be better, considering I look like an uncooked chicken when I have no clothes on. The back applicator was a really pleasant surprise; I usually have to rope Chris into doing my back and if he's not around, it's trying to contort myself to try and reach it. No easy feat for someone with such short arms let me tell you. I also just need to give Loving Tan some kudos on the packaging - how Instagram friendly is it?!

Loving Tan Dark Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Review


Firstly I used the Tan Removing/Skin Polishing Glove - this is unlike any other exfoliating glove I've used. It's made of a rough feeling fabric instead of the normal exfoliating gloves, and I wasn't convinced that it was going to do much because the fabric was quite thin. However when you jump in the shower and start polishing you can really feel it get to work and it feels like it is seriously rubbing off those horrible dead skin cells. It has two sides to it; a pink side and a black side, which have different levels of exfoliation. I used the roughest black side and it definitely did the trick.

Then I applied the tanning mousse with the mitt. First off the mitt is incredible - I don't know if any other brands do this but it was a revelation. It's made of velour rather than the typical sponge like material and honestly this was like rubbing a puppy up and down your leg, it was so soft. The mousse itself has a really nice smell - Loving Tan say that there is no fake tan smell, which at first I would agree with. When you're applying it it has no fake tan smell whatsoever, it actually smells really nice and the perfume isn't too strong. However as it developed I could smell the fake tan smell, which I actually don't mind and it is nowhere near as bad as other fake tans. Even my mum commented that it smelt really nice which is a massive deal as I'm usually met with "Eurgh you smell like Pot Noodle", so that must be saying something! 

It was so easy to apply, I don't know if it was the mousse or the mitt but either way I could feel my life changing as I applied it. It went on SO smooth, literally like butter and I had no streaks. I always struggle with making sure the underside of my arms and just above my armpits don't streak but with this I had no issues. The back applicator was really good but I have to say I did call in reinforcements to make sure it was completely covered! One thing I noticed that was such a massive positive for me was how quickly it dried, there was literally no sticky phase or waddling around until it dried.


At first I was a bit worried about the colour because when I applied it I was expecting it to be darker. My skin does not hold onto fake tan very well; for some reason I have to go really dark on the initial colour just to be able to get a medium tan when it's washed off. However I really needn't have worried... as the hours went past, it developed into a deeper and deeper colour, and by the time I woke up in the morning it was the most gorgeous deep olive looking tan. When I washed it off I was so surprised that unlike every other time I fake tan (where my hopes and dreams of looking like a golden tanned goddess are washed down the drain along with the guide colour), that it had actually stayed on! The tan had stuck and I was left with a natural looking but deep tan. Again, my my mum who usually is not a fan of my tanning ambitions said she can't believe how natural it looked. 

Loving Tan Dark Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Before and After

Loving Tan Dark Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Before and After

I seriously never realised how hard it was to take pictures of your legs! The light was changing so much between the two days it was really hard to get before and after pictures, but you can see the difference in the colour - like I said I was really pale before!

Overall I have to say I am in love with this tan (as you have probably guessed by now). I had high expectations due to the hype on social media and after watching it in countless Youtube videos, and it has more than lived up to my hopes! It has a beautiful colour, dries quickly and goes on so smoothly. I would say that the typical 'fake tan' smell is still there once it starts developing but it is nowhere near as bad as other ones I've tried, and this only comes through after a couple of hours. I've been wearing it for 3 days now and it is still going strong; I've also had really nice comments on it! I would 100% recommend it, and has definitely gone to the no.1 spot in my fake-tan loving heart. You can get it here; it took only took a week to get to me from Australia which was a LOT quicker than I was expecting.

Have you tried Loving Tan? What were your thoughts?


*PR Gift from Loving Tan, all thoughts, opinions and photos are 100% my own. Not a sponsored post.

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