6 Tips for Getting Your Makeup to Last All Day

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

6 Tips for Getting Your Makeup to Last All Day

As a makeup artist people often ask you how to get their makeup to last the whole day. Quite often you apply your makeup in the morning; come midday your mascara is on your chin and you feel like a Madame Tussaud's waxwork who had an unfortunate encounter with an open fire. I used to have very oily skin and I would always suffer with this problem! Nowadays my skin has changed a lot and it is much drier, so this gives me more of a natural advantage in getting my makeup to last. However both dry and oily skin can still use a few techniques in getting your makeup to stay on and hopefully remain where it's supposed to. I have put together a few hints and tips that I have learnt along the way so hopefully you will find them useful! By the way, these tips are just my personal opinion, I cannot completely guarantee they will work for you but hopefully be of some help :)

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! 

I cannot stress the importance of moisturiser enough. Not just for the general health of your skin but also for prepping the skin for makeup. This is important whatever your skin type. So often you hear 'I don't moisturise, my skin is oily enough!', but what can happen is that by not using it, your skin thinks you don't have enough moisture and so instead just produces more oil. Instead just pick the right moisturiser for your skin, for example, a gel based moisturiser for oily skin. Dry skin especially should moisturise to stop the makeup from grabbing to dry patches. Glycerin and sodium hyaluronate are ingredients to look for, as these bind moisture to the skin acting as a primer. Apply your moisturiser in thin layers and pat into the skin - applying too much and then rubbing can cause the moisturiser to 'roll' into little balls on your face whereas patting encourages the skin to take the moisturiser in.  

2. Don't leave too much time for your skincare to sink in. 

Whilst there is a lot of advice out there saying let your moisturiser sink in, in my personal experience I actually find that if you leave it, you almost have to start from scratch. For example, if you leave it for a while (5-10 mins) your skin either completely takes it in and doesn't have that cushioned feel ready for your foundation, or you leave it way too long to put makeup on (say you apply skincare after your shower and then dry your hair before doing your makeup), your skin has already started to produce oil and then you're not putting your foundation on a completely clean base. Obviously you have to find out what works best for you but I actually apply my skincare, get a nice cushioned base and put my makeup on straight away. Not only does your makeup last longer but your base will look better too.

6 Tips for Getting Your Makeup to Last All Day

3. Use a primer 

Before your foundation you may want to use a primer. I have a love/hate relationship with these; I know they work really well for some people but from experience I know layering my skincare in thin layers works just as well for me. Weirdly I find that some primers make my makeup slide around too much ironically! However as I say, I have quite a dry skin type so if you are very oily then I know a primer can really help. The best one I have tried is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - it's not the cheapest but I can definitely say this works like a dream.

4. Use the right foundation

This is a bit of a hard one as there are so many different foundations out there and everybody's skin is so different. However on the whole I find that the matte/oil-free foundations are definitely the longest lasting. This is technically where I don't wear the right product - even though I am dry skinned I still wear an oil free foundation because for me you cannot beat the staying power. All I do is make sure I wear an extremely hydrating or quite a rich moisturiser underneath to prevent it from looking too cakey and I would advise if you have dry skin to do the same. I totally understand everyone is different though and by all means you don't have to wear an oil free foundation, it's just I find these to be the longest wearing. If on the other hand you are oily skinned, an oil free foundation should be better for you anyway. The longest lasting foundations I have tried are Estee Lauder Double Wear, MAC Pro Longwear and Revlon Colorstay (they actually do this one for both oily and dry skin types.) Again, build your foundation in thin layers to your preferred coverage using a brush or beauty sponge with a stippling technique rather than one thick layer. Stippling 'pushes' the makeup into the skin rather than it just sitting on top, meaning it will last longer.

6 Tips for Getting Your Makeup to Last All Day

4. Use powder 

Not all people need to powder, as some prefer the more dewy look. However I think that wherever you find your makeup comes off is where you need to powder - it just locks it down and stays so much longer! Even my dry skin has small areas that get oily; my nose and chin are the main culprits and so I just powder my t-zone rather than my whole face! If you are oily you may want to powder more areas than just the t-zone; again I would powder wherever the makeup comes off. If you're worried you might look a bit 'powdery' just remember that within an hour your natural oils will start to come to the surface and you won't see it any more... unless you've gone totally overboard in which case see tip number six. A really good tip is to press the powder brush into the skin rather than brushing all over the top. By 'pressing' the powder into the skin you are locking the foundation down underneath it and you also won't move the foundation around that you've just applied. You can also use a small fluffy eyeshadow brush to powder under the eye to make sure your concealer stays on and doesn't crease.

5. Use long-wear eye products

If you struggle with your eye makeup migrating south during the day then you will want to use long-wear or waterproof eye makeup. Gel eyeliner is waterproof and therefore amazing at staying put. You can also wear this in your waterline without irritating your eye. MAC and Bobbi Brown do great gel liners but Maybelline also do a fantastic high street option. If you're more comfortable with a pencil I would recommend the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil - this stuff seriously does not move! Cream shadows are also amazing for staying power, not to mention 10 times quicker to use - Kiko do really good affordable cream shadow sticks and you can use the lighter ones as bases for your eye shadow. Waterproof mascara is great for staying put but remember to use a proper eye makeup remover or oil cleanser to take it off. If you didn't do so before, powder underneath your eye before you put any mascara or eyeliner on - the powder will help to absorb oil and hopefully stop it from moving. 

6. Use a face spray

This sounds counter-intuitive as you would think spraying your face with liquid would result in a makeup meltdown, but if you spritz your face with a face spray this will set the makeup as well as refresh your skin. They also have the added benefit of making any visible powder disappear without reducing the effectiveness of it. In my experience I have found that a face spray always does a good job of setting my makeup whilst making your makeup look more naturally radiant. NYX do a reasonably priced setting spray which you can find in Boots. 

There you have it, hopefully there are some helpful tips in there to help you to get your makeup to stay put! Such a long post so thank you for reading if you got all the way to the bottom. For me the biggest thing to takeaway would be the prepping of the skin before the makeup has been put on. If the skin is clean and properly moisturised, this will go a long way into making sure your makeup doesn't budge :)

Have you got any good tips for making makeup last longer? Leave them in the comments!



  1. Defo taking on these tips tomorrow, thanks for them!! Have a lovely weekend :)

    tipscapsule.blogspot.com (1st Giveaway)

    1. Oh I'm glad you liked them! You too my lovely :) Off to have a read of your blog now!

  2. I love this post so much, Laura, well done. I really like baking my face to keep the oil at bay and I find my makeup does last a lot longer. I really want to try a setting spray again. The Urban Decay one didn't really do anything but I think I should try another one to keep my face from looking too powdery.
    Have a great day, love.
    xx Desi (stunnydesi_loves on IG)

    1. Hi Desi! Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it! Oh that's a great tip thank you! xx

  3. Hi Laura, I absolutely loved this post! You made some great points indeed! ELDW is one of my holy grail's when it comes to staying power and I'm totally with you on setting spray, how did we ever live without one. :) xoxo Shahrzad


  4. Aw I'm glad you enjoyed it! Double Wear is aaaamazing for staying power totally agree! It changed my life when I had oily skin! I'm off to have a read of your blog now! Laura x


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